Household Statistics: United States

The United States Census Bureau collects data from 25 selected metropolitan areas in the United States and analyzes it against national data. According to this research is able to provide the following household statistics.

UTILIZATION: Out of a total of 132,832,000 housing units:

  • 75,650,000 are owner-occupied units. (or 57%)
  • 40,201,000 are renter-occupied units. (or 30.3%)
  • 12,914,000 are vacant units. (or 9.7%)
  • 4,067,000 are seasonal units (or 3.1%)

CHARACTERISTICS: Out of a total of 132,832,000 housing units:

  • 92% of units have a porch, deck, balcony, or patio.
  • 80% of units have a garage or carport.
  • 66% of units have at minimum, 2 complete bathrooms.
  • 64% of units have a separate dining room.
  • 55% of units have pets in the home.
  • 45% of units have a usable fireplace.
  • 31% of units have children in the home.
  • 29% of units have at minimum, 4 bedrooms.
  • 28% of units have 3 or more vehicles.
  • 13% of units have rooms used exclusively for business.
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