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18 Powerful Digestive Enzymes In 1 - Gluten Free, Plant Based & Broad Spectrum. Made In USA.

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Product Description
  • REDUCE OCCASIONAL INDIGESTION, REFLUX & BLOATING OR YOUR MONEY BACK: With 18 powerful plant-based digestive enzymes in every capsule, Easy Eating is GUARANTEED to make you feel better OR your money back.
  • GLUTEN FREE & FORMULATED TO WORK FAST: Unlike mass market digestive enzymes, Easy Eating uses a smart gluten-free formulation of plant-based enzymes, which start working in your stomach BEFORE food arrives. This head start ensures you can properly digest food, absorb nutrients and prevent bloating.
  • HELPS DIGEST ALL FOUR FOOD GROUPS: While other supplements target specific food groups, eg protein or fats or carbs or fiber, Easy Eating's potent, full-spectrum enzyme blend tackles all 4, including gluten, sugar & dairy. No matter what you eat, you're covered.
  • NO ANIMAL OR GMO BASED ENZYMES: Easy Eating proudly uses 18 natural plant and fruit based enzymes, which are not only more stable, but also avoid the contaminants that may arise when using enzymes from the pancreas of animals, or GMO organisms.
  • TRUSTED USA MANUFACTURER: Overseas supplements have been in the news a lot recently. That's why Easy Eating's non-GMO digestive enzyme blend is proudly manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA registered & cGMP certified facility in the USA.
MEN AND WOMEN with occasional indigestion, reflux and bloating looking to NATURALLY support their gut health, agree that Easy Eating is the smartest choice for them's formulated to work fast - unlike normal digestive enzyme supplements, Easy Eating contains some of the most powerful plant-based enzymes on the market, which means it starts working BEFORE food reaches your stomach. This head start makes all the difference!..helps bloating, reflux and even gas - Easy Eating contains a broad spectrum of potent enzymes that are able to breakdown food particles, so your stomach and gut don't feel overly full or irritated every time you's natural and vegetarian, NOT sourced from GMO plants or animals - some enzyme supplements are derived from the pancreas of animals or GMO organisms. Not only can these suffer from contaminants, but they also struggle to survive the low pH environment of your stomach. That's why Easy Eating exclusively uses natural, non-GMO plant and fruit based enzymes...helps you digest ALL types of food - whilst other digestive enzymes products focus on helping you digest dairy or meat or gluten for example, Easy Eating contains a smart mix of different enzymes in every capsule, so you are able to eat (and digest) any meal you like...only 1 pill needed with each main meal - most digestive enzyme blends lack either potency or variety, which means you end up needing handfuls of pills just to get through the day. Since Easy Eating is a high potency 18-enzyme complex, you only need 1 with each main meal!..made in the USA - in a state-of-the-art, FDA registered and cGMP certified facility to ensure maximum purity and safety for you...if it doesn't help you with your indigestion, bloating or reflux in 30 days, you get 100% of your money back - even if bottles are empty! No questions asked. Try it now, you have nothing to lose. Usually ships in 24 hours.
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