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Computer Glasses Eye Strain Relief - Clear Wayfarer Glasses - Blue Light Blocking Glasses - New Wayfarer Video Gaming Glasses - Computer Reading Glasses 0.0 Anti-Glare - Nerd Glasses For Women & Men

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    Product Description
    • Computer Glasses - These anti-blue light computer glasses have discreet clear lenses that protect eyes from the harmful blue light rays emitted from various electronic devices.
    • Preserve Vision - Excessive blue light can result in eye muscle strain, dry eye and fatigue which can have harmful long term effects. These safety glasses protect eyes from being weakened and exhausted for continuous sharp and healthy vision.
    • Clear Lens Wayfarer - These stylish nerd glasses are great accessory to add to your look. Not only are these geek chic glasses, they are safety eyewear that helps maintain eye health and vision clarity.
    • Built To Last - with anti-scratch and anti-reflective they are long lasting and effective. These stylish glasses are anti-glare and incredibly durable as well as lightweight and flexible. Girl nerd Glasses.
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - As with all Americana Made products, we guarantee you will be satisfied with these Clear Lens Computer Glasses or your money back. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.
    Our Clear Wayfarers are not your everyday geek chic glasses; sure they are a great to add to add to any outfit, who doesn't look great in a pair of nerd glasses? But they are also powerful eye protection against harmful light you come into contact with every single day. Your cell phone, your tablet, your laptop, and your TV all emit harmful blue light which can cause something known as "digital eye strain." This can have damaging short term AND long term effects on eyes, in the form of dry eyes, tired eyes, weak eyes, and headaches as well. What is so bad about blue light? If you look at the light spectrum you will find it is laid out like a rainbow, where red is actually the lowest amount of energy and violet is the highest. That is where the name UV comes from, "Ultra Violet Energy" The sun emits UVA/UVB rays and that is why we wear sunglasses, to protect our eyes. Right before violet on the rainbow light spectrum is blue, and though we do not need sunglasses for blue light, this light has high energy waves that are unhealthy for the eyes as well. Our clear wayfarer glasses have a protective coating that shields the eyes from this harmful blue light for clear and comfortable vision, for years to come.>br> It isn't often that you come across something truly fashionable and functional. Our premium geek style specs have anti- glare and anti-reflective clear lenses with a strong and sturdy plastic frame. Nobody will know you are wearing safety eyewear, they will just see your stylish superman glasses and marvel at how chic you look. These discreet video gaming and shooting glasses are multifunctional and will help you to protect your eyes from a multitude of things. Computer Glasses Benefit: - Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Digital Eye Strain Relief - Discreet Clear Lenses - Stylish Nerd Plastic Frame Design - Great for Gaming or Shooting - Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare Lenses Usually ships in 24 hours.
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