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Lice Comb - Lice Treatment - Head Lice Treatment - Head Lice Comb - Lice Removal - Head Lice Removal - Lice Treatment For Kids - Treatment For Head Lice - Lice Nits - Nit Comb

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    Product Description
    • SAFE & EFFECTIVE AGAINST SUPER LICE - THE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE! In the age of the Super Lice, avoid the danger and hassle of applying harmful chemicals to rid hair of these "hard to kill" lice and nits. No matter what it is says on the bottle, only a lice comb with spiral-groove tooth technology can remove stubborn and pesky Super Lice and Nits from your hair
    • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, DURABLE & RUSTPROOF - The rounded handle with No-Slip grip bands comfortably fits the hand allowing for confident stroking of the hair to remove even the tiniest lice and nits. Made from stainless steel, the lice comb will never rust and was built to last with proper care. To disinfect and re-use, simply soak comb in isopropyl alcohol or boiling water for 30 seconds, wipe and let cool
    • SIMPLE TO USE - First, detangle hair. Second, while keeping hair moist, section hair in a grid and work one section at a time. Third, thoroughly comb each section stroking away from the scalp. Fourth, remove trapped lice and nits from comb
    • SUITABLE FOR ANY HAIR & AGE - Whether you have thick lustrous hair or delicate brittle hair, the micro-rounded teeth of the comb glides across the hair and scalp with no damage. The comb can be used for dandruff and on pets as well
    • NO HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY - The Lice Comb Includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY with our 90 day "No questions asked" money back or replacement guarantee!
    Product Description: If you have lice and nits, there is only one way to remove the infestation: The Seva Lice Comb with spiral micro-groove technology. Why? Because bottled lice treatments don't always kill lice eggs or nits, the real culprit behind an outbreak. The only way to remove the nits is with our specially engineered comb with micro-spacing between each spiral-grooved tooth that will grab and trap the nit. Key Features: - Spiral microgroove teeth traps lice and nits - Micro-rounded teeth tip won't damage hair or scalp - Easy No-Slip grip band - Durable stainless steel - Rust proof - Easily disinfects - Suitable for any hair type - Use for dandruff removal in addition to lice - Can also be used on pets - No Hassle Lifetime Warranty with a 90 day "no questions asked" money back or replacement guarantee! Usually ships in 24 hours.
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