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Oligo30 - Broad Spectrum Prebiotic Compound. Featuring the Four Horsemen of Gut Health: Raw Potato Starch, FOS, GOS, and XOS. Fortified with Kiwi Pectin and Polyphenols from Cocoa Powder

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    Product Description
    • SUPPORTS IMMUNITY: Increases resistance to infections
    • PROMOTES GUT HEALTH: Inhibits bad gut flora while feeding good gut flora
    • PROMOTES MENTAL HEALTH: Improves mental health and well-being
    • PROMOTES WHOLE HEALTH: aids digestion and supports normal appetite
    • FOUR HORSEMEN OF GUT HEALTH: contains Resistant Starch, GOS, FOS and XOS
    Oligo30 is a broad spectrum prebiotic blend that feeds the widest array of gut bacteria in a single dose. Experience better gut health in just 30 days. When you use Oligo30, you give your body the most comprehensive blend of prebiotics currently available. Researched and developed in the USA using only non-GMO products in an FDA-approved lab, Oligo30 is the obvious choice for consumers who want the most benefits from a prebiotic supplement. Whether you're in training, on a weight-loss regimen, or seeking relief from health concerns, prebiotics contribute to healthy digestion and boost your metabolic well-being. To promote overall GI tract health, increase beneficial mineral absorption, and help prevent diseases, choose Oligo30. What are prebiotics? Microbiota in your GI tract activate gut functions and regulate metabolism. Probiotics promote that activity, making your body run more efficiently and effectively. To get the most from probiotics, you need to give them proper nutrition - prebiotics. Simply, prebiotics are the complex carbs that feed probiotics. They're the good fiber commonly found in bananas, whole grains, onions, garlic, and other unprocessed foods. Nutritional studies show these prebiotics foster the probiotic communities in your digestive tract, boosting immunity and promoting wellness. Oligo30 is the most comprehensive prebiotic compound on the market. Each ingredient brings a unique effect to the formula while enhancing the effects of every other ingredient. While other companies focus on one or two fibers, Oligo30 provides a broad spectrum of prebiotics that reach more of the bacteria found in your gut. All active ingredients are derived from naturally occurring compounds. Usually ships in 24 hours.
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