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Pinnacle of Wellness Pure Yacon Root Powder Weight Loss Diet Pills, 60 Capsules

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    Product Description
    • IMPROVE YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Yacon root contains compounds that function as prebiotics in the body, improving digestive health. These prebiotic properties influence the development of microflora in the digestive tract, leading to improved gastrointestinal fermentation.
    • BOOST YOUR METABOLISM - Yacon Root has metabolism boosting properties that help you burn more calories by boosting your basal metabolic rate, or the number of calories your body uses to simply carry out its daily functions. This means that your body will begin burning off additional calories before you even begin adding exercise to your routine. Not only will this help you lose weight faster, it will help you avoid the plateau pitfalls.
    • SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE - Yacon Root contains soluble fiber which is able to bulk the food in our digestive system thus preventing constipation. The bulky feeling also keeps you full, which as a result helps reduce your appetite. It is also believed to affect ghrelin, a hormone that affects our hunger, thus resulting in elimination of hunger pangs.
    • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE - 90-Day - Complete Satisfaction - Money-Back - Triple Guarantee. Just try Yacon Root for yourself for a full 90 days. If you do not see or feel the results you expect in those 90 short days. Or, if you do not notice your appetite being suppressed in the first 45 days. Or, even if you just don't like the color of the label, the amount of turns it takes to remove the cap. You name it. We'll gladly refund your money, no hassles.
    • REDUCE CHOLESTEROL and TRIGLYCERIDES - Yacon root contains a type of sugar called fructooligosaccharide, which can lower levels of triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein, the "bad" cholesterol. A study published in October 2011 in "Chemico-Biological Interactions" found that diabetic rats supplemented with yacon root daily showed lower levels of fasting plasma triacylglycerol, a triglyceride, and LDL cholesterol. The study published in April 2009 in "Clinical Nutrition" confirmed that LDL cholesterol levels were reduced in people after daily yacon consumption as well.
    Discover The Secret of How To Address Your Weight Loss Needs In One Easy To Take Maximum Strength Capsule! Are you struggling with weight loss? Let Yacon Root take the struggle out of weight loss for you - Proven in research studies to suppress appetite - Boost metabolism - Improve digestive health - Maintain healthy blood sugar levels - Lose weight naturally Where is it manufactured? Our Yacon Root is manufactured in a state of the art facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the United States with only the best ingredients. How Does Yacon Root work? By suppressing your appetite, boosting your metabolism, and improving your digestive health naturally as one of the top weight loss products available today. Does it really work?This fast acting natural weight loss product has been shown in clinical studies to support healthy weight loss without side effects. •73% of the women lost weight •Most women lost more than 5 pounds •Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds •Average decrease in waist circumference was 1.9 inches •68% recommended Yacon as a weight loss tool. Do you offer a Bonus? Yes, you will receive our "Natural Weight Loss Revealed" eBook. A $37 value absolutely FREE. Do you have a guarantee? You can be confident about any purchase because every product comes with a 90-day, complete satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Take Advantage of our Limited Time Pricing: Due to sales volumes we cannot guarantee this low of a price long term. Congratulations! You are on your way to Reaching Your Pinnacle of Wellness. By clicking the Add to Cart button right now you have taken the first step towards a better looking you. Usually ships in 24 hours.
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