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Premium Cupping Massage Kit - RELIEVES Pain,Tension,Inflammation,Soreness - BOOSTS Recovery, Toning - Top Recommended Chinese Cupping Therapy Starter Set! Medical Grade Best Quality - 4 Clear Cups (1)

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    Product Description
    • ★ TOP QUALITY CUPPING SET: Premium quality silicone cups = superior suction, control & results!
    • ★ MAX RESULTS- MIN TIME: Same Benefits of a deep massage in 1/6 the time! Maximize your RELIEF!
    • ★ HEAL WHAT AILS YOU: RELIEVES Pain, inflammation, tension, arthritis, fibromyalgia, & stress!
    • ★ THE PERFECT STARTER SET: If you've been curious about cupping massage therapy, the ideal set!
    • ★ BONUS + RISK FREE 100% GUARANTEE: Free E-Book PLUS a lifetime guarantee - NOTHING TO LOSE!
    You've seen them used by the Olympians. Now it's time to try Chinese Cupping Massage Therapy for yourself! Bring our premium quality cupping set into your home or salon and you can discover for yourself the world of relief that Eastern cultures have known since ancient times. WHO IS CUPPING FOR? The simple answer is everybody -- Everybody who wants to reduce pain, inflammation & discomfort and increase circulation, healing & toxin release. It seems that Chinese cupping massage therapy truly does have something to offer everyone! HOW DOES CUPPING WORK? Chinese cupping therapy is based on the concept of pooling blood to an area or areas in order to promote healing through increased circulation to the problem region, similar to deep tissue massage. Unlike traditional massage, however, there is absolutely no compression involved in cupping. Rather, than pressing and squeezing to elicit better blood flow, the skin is instead suctioned into the cups through a vacuum. The result is the benefits of increased circulation and toxin relief - without the pain and discomfort caused by squeezing the tissue itself. SIMPLE TO USE: Free with your purchase is a detailed ebook guide to help you if you are new to cupping. It really can be as simple as squeeze & release. You apply the cups to the area you wish to relieve, and use 1 of 3 methods (your preference) to bring about increased circulation and healing. Our simplicity make this the perfect cupping set for starters or travel! TREATMENTS INCLUDE: Inflammation reduction, Pain management, Improved circulation, Relaxation of muscle tissue & spasms, decompression and release of adhesions & scar tissue, decreasing trigger point pain, unblocking Qi, increased collagen production. Usually ships in 24 hours.
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