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Viva Labs ADVANCED Probiotics, 50 Caps, 25 Billion CFU, BioXtend Technology for Targeted Release and Increased Absorption

Viva Labs ADVANCED Probiotics, 50 Caps, 25 Billion CFU, BioXtend Technology for Targeted Release and Increased Absorption

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Product Description
  • HIGH-POTENCY SIX-STRAIN BLEND FOR ULTIMATE RELIEF - Doctors recommend a variety of probiotics as each strain carries out its own unique function in the GI tract. Our proprietary six-strain probiotic blend is clinically proven to withstand stomach acid and colonize throughout the lower intestine for greater digestive relief and optimal colon health. 25 billion CFU per capsule!
  • ADVANCED BIOXTEND TECHNOLOGY FOR TARGETED RELEASE - Encapsulated using our proprietary stomach acid-proof delivery system, BioXtend Technology protects our strains against acidity and ensures targeted release in the lower GI tract where probiotics are needed.
  • THE BEST GOOD-FOR-YOUR-GUT REMEDY - Our advanced formula features six clinically proven strains with some of the most scientific publications to date, validating their efficacy in supporting a healthy immune response and improving overall GI function.
  • ENJOY THE FOODS YOU LOVE - Finally enjoy the foods you love without having to worry about the uncomfortable after-effects. Our powerful probiotics ease the digestion of gut-damaging foods like dairy, wheat, sugars and others, providing ultimate relief for sensitive stomachs in just one easy-to-swallow capsule.
  • NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED - Viva Labs Advanced Bioactive Probiotics are naturally acid-resistant and are clinically proven to be shelf-stable at room temperature, making them the perfect travel supplement. Manufactured in GMP-Certified facilities and made in the USA!
Eat the foods you've always wanted with Viva Labs Advanced Bioactive Probiotics - clinically proven to support optimal colon health, immunity and digestion, delivering fast-acting results daily! The Viva Labs Difference Viva Labs Advanced Bioactive Probiotics provide the ultimate digestive relief for common disturbances and discomfort. Our advanced formula features six strains that have been carefully selected, each one offering its own unique therapeutic benefit. Shelf-stable, acid-resistant and clinically proven, our probiotics are further protected using our innovative targeted delivery system, BioXtendTM Technology. BioXtendTM capsules are clinically shown to bypass harsh stomach acid, safely releasing our probiotics in the lower GI tract where they belong. Improved Digestion - Food processing has significantly altered the availability of nutrients, destroying key enzymes and making foods extremely difficult to digest. Viva Labs' probiotics allows you to enjoy foods comfortably with our high potency, bioactive strains for immediate relief. Fast-Acting Formula - The majority of capsules today break down too early in the stomach with only 4-60% of probiotic being able to survive harsh stomach acid, failing to reach the lower intestine where probiotics are most effective. Our innovative BioXtendTM capsules are clinically shown to extend the release of probiotics an additional 40 minutes longer than regular capsules, preventing early breakdown in the stomach and ensuring over 90% of our valuable strains colonize effectively. Clinically Proven Results - Our advanced formula not only offers acid-resistant encapsulation with BioXtendTM Technology, but each strain is clinically shown to promote a healthy population of intestinal flora for a healthier glow, improved energy and overall gut balance. Usually ships in 24 hours.
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